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Louer Un Bateau À La Journée Avec Imagine | Imagine Yacht Charter

All you need to know to rent your boat for a d with IMAGINE

We offer IMAGINE as a yacht charter, which means that you rent the whole boat, not just a part of it. It's your boat, for the duration of the rental! You can have up to 20 people on board for the day, excluding the skipper. Our catamaran is approved for up to 30 people, and insured for a group of 20.


IMAGINE is a 47 ft motor catamaran, equipped with foils and built in ultra-light materials.

This offers us several advantages: 

- We can include diesel in the price, as we use relatively little fuel (about 20,000 F per trip). 

- Being able to offer a personalized itinerary and several destinations per day, since the boat is light (only 7 tons) and fast (thanks to its foils and lightweight materials).

- Be environmentally friendly, as we consume very little fuel.


The boat has : 

4 double cabins 

1 large interior saloon with lounge area with bench seating, dining area with dining table and bench seating, and a fully-equipped galley (1 small fridge, 1 small freezer, 1 gas stove with 4 hotplates, 1 oven and all necessary cooking utensils, cutlery, glasses, etc.)

1 large outside cockpit with a large outside fridge (on solar panels) and a large bathroom (shower, toilet, sink, mirror)

1 flybridge with steering position, in which we make a large floating carpet available to our customers.


While there's no such thing as a typical day on board IMAGINE, there are some essential routines! 

On the morning of departure, as far as possible, we like to be present at embarkation (30 minutes before departure) to meet our customers and help them board. 

The skipper then holds a safety briefing for the whole group. 

Customers can discuss with the skipper and decide together on the day's program, according to their wishes, their activities, and the weather, on the skipper's advice. 

Departure is at 8 a.m., so that our customers can make the most of their day! Return is usually around 5pm. 

Of course, we are flexible on the schedule and adapt our rates accordingly.


On a day trip, our motorboat can take you to Toombo in less than an hour! On the outward journey, you can sail along the Aboré Reef and stop to admire the Ever Prosperity shipwreck. On the way back, 40 minutes from Noumea with IMAGINE, you can stop off at the Amédée lighthouse, where you can see the turtles and climb the 247 steps to the top of the lighthouse, or take a walking tour of the islet. 

Alternatively, head north to Mbo, Mba, MbKouen or, closer to Nouméa, stop off at Récif Aboré, l'ilot Larégnère or Signal, which you can reach in just 15 to 30 minutes. 

If you're a watersports enthusiast, you can reach the superb waters of the ilot Goéland in less than 30 minutes, or the Dumbéa pass in 40 minutes, Boulari in 45 minutes...

There's something for everyone!


Absolutely anything that makes you happy! 

Think about food, drinks, bottles of fresh water, because although we have 800 L of fresh water on board, some people may prefer bottled water to taste! 

Don't forget your equipment and gear for your activities: the boat is big, so treat yourself. Bring kites, foils, wings, boards, SUPs, kayaks... (we have board racks on the bow).


We rent our boat for 102,000 XPF for a 9-hour day (8am to 5pm), including fuel (average fuel cost about 20,000 F), and cleaning is included. 

To this must be added 27,000 XPF for the skipper. 

And that's it! 129,000 XPF in all. We don't ask for any deposit or additional costs. 

If there are 20 of you on board for the day, that works out at 6,450 XPF per person!


We are constantly on top of the weather forecasts to make the best possible decisions. 

A cancellation is made as soon as an Orange Weather Alert is declared by Météo nc, or if it rains heavily on the morning of departure. 

We adapt to the customer's needs, but try as far as possible to wait until the day before or, at best, the morning of the departure to make a decision. If the wind is too strong (<25 knots forecast) or if it rains heavily, we agree on a postponement of the date in the best of cases, or on a refund. 


To make a reservation, simply fill in the reservation or contact form, which you can find here.

On the booking page, you can : 

1. Check the boat's availability on the calendar in real time, and choose the date that suits you best. 

2. Fill in the booking form and send it to us.

3. Receive a reply within 24 hours. 

4. As soon as we receive your confirmation that you have booked the boat on a specific date, we will send you your rental contract together with our bank details to enable you to pay the 30% deposit on the boat rental, which enables us to block the aforementioned reservation. 

Alternatively, you can contact us directly on 71.55.05, from 7 a.m. to 7 p.m. weekdays and weekends. 


Our boat is moored at the end of pontoon F, at the Port du Sud marina, Nouméa.

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