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Discover New Caledonia from a new angle: Sea trip with Imagine Yacht Charter

When you sail with Imagine Yacht Charter from Nouméa, the possibilities are endless for exploring the marine wonders of New Caledonia. Whether you are passionate about the sea or simply looking to relax, our power catamaran offers you an exceptional experience. Here's why a sea trip with Imagine Yacht Charter is the ultimate adventure.

1. Paradise islands within reach

Imagine yourself sailing towards picturesque islets like Larégnère islet, Signal islet and Mbe Kouen islet. With our motor catamaran, these heavenly destinations are easily accessible. You can explore white sand beaches, swim in crystal clear waters and dive into the region's exceptional marine biodiversity. The green turtles will be there to welcome you!

2. Toombo and the Amédée Lighthouse nearby

With Imagine Yacht Charter, you can reach Toombo - a little-known place that is usually not accessible during the day - in less than an hour and the Amédée Lighthouse in just 40 minutes. These emblematic sites of New Caledonia offer you sublime landscapes and unforgettable moments of relaxation. Enjoy a comfortable cruise to admire breathtaking panoramic views.

3. Multiple destinations in one day

One of the major advantages of sailing with Imagine Yacht Charter is the possibility of visiting 2 to 3 destinations in a single day. Our experienced team will advise you on personalized itineraries to maximize your exploration while ensuring a pleasant pace. You can therefore enjoy a complete and varied experience in a short time.

4. Relaxation and comfort on board

Our motor catamaran is designed to offer the ultimate in comfort at sea. Equipped with foils, IMAGINE sails at an average of 16 knots and is stable. Enjoy spacious spaces, shaded areas, comfortable seats and all the necessary amenities for a carefree day accompanied by a skipper who knows the boat and the Caledonian lagoon perfectly well. You can relax, swim, enjoy a fully equipped kitchen on board and a large floating mat.

5. Local expertise and security

By choosing Imagine Yacht Charter, you benefit from the local expertise of our crews. They are familiar with the best destinations, sea conditions and most impressive dive sites. Your safety is our top priority, and our experienced crews ensure that your outing at sea is both exciting and safe.

Discover New Caledonia in a unique way by boarding with Imagine Yacht Charter. With islets to explore, destinations quickly accessible and unparalleled comfort on board, each sea trip becomes a memorable adventure. Book now and prepare for an unforgettable maritime experience.


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