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Your boat charter excursion in New Caledonia with Imagine Yacht Charter - noumea yacht charter

Updated: Mar 30

If you are coming on holidays in New Caledonia, in Noumea, you can rent a catamaran for a boat trip for a boat charter excursion with Imagine Yacht Charter and discover the lagoon in an authentic way.

Imagine yacht charter will offer you a unique experience of the lagoon:

noumea yacht charter

  • A skipper that is willing to offer you the best experience. He will ask you what you wish for - what you wish to see and do. He will adapt to you and will assure your security. By his high knowledge of navigation and the Caledonian lagoon and special places, he will offer you an authentic boat trip.

  • A catamaran that is spacious, fast and stable. With its hydrofoils, the catamaran is faster and stabilized.

Description of the catamaran:

2 saloons

4 double cabins for several days excursions.

1 fully equipped kitchen (2 refrigerators, 1 freezer, 1  4-burner gas stove, oven, dishes etc.)

1 outdoor lounge/ cockpit with bench seat, table, radio/ bluetooth speaker, bathing area and showers

 1 flybridge with cockpit and lounge

 1 bathroom with shower and electric toilet

 1 semi-rigid tender with a 10 people capacity

  • An easy and fast charter rental with a responsive and adaptable service. My name is Aïna. I will be you unique contact. I am the owner of the firm and manager of the boat. I will do my best to accompany you in the best possible way. I assure you that y our experience of chartering a boat in noumea will turn out to be fast, easy and secure!

  • An ecological boat trip to discover the Caledonian lagoon while respecting it. IMAGINE was built in balsa - honeycomb composite material. The advantages: a lightweight (7 tons for 14.3 m), fuel-efficient (27 L/h) and super-strong boat - ecological and economical.

  • Customized offers:

On a 4 or 5 hour trip, you can go to Laregnere or Signal and Aboré Reef. 30 minutes maximum from Noumea. 

On a 6 hour trip, you will go directly to Amedee Island. On the way back, you will be able to stop at another destination such as Maitre Islands or Goeland.

On a day trip, our motorboat can take you to Toombo in less than an hour! On a full journey, you can sail and snorkel along the Aboré Reef and stop to admire the Ever Prosperity shipwreck. On the way back, 40 minutes from Noumea with IMAGINE, you can stop off at the Amédée lighthouse, where you can see the turtles and climb the 247 steps to the top of the lighthouse, or take a walking tour of the islet. 

Alternatively, head north to Mbo, Mba, MbKouen or, closer to Nouméa, stop off at Récif Aboré, l'ilot Larégnère or Signal, which you can reach in just 15 to 30 minutes. 

If you're a watersports enthusiast, you can reach the superb waters of the Goéland island in less than 30 minutes, or the Dumbéa pass 40 minutes, Boulari in 45 minutes...

Over several days, cruising on the lagoon, you can set off for the South and reach the 5 islands in just 2h30 sailing time from Nouméa, enjoying several destinations according to your desires, activities and the skipper's advice.

noumea yacht charter
noumea yacht charter

noumea yacht charter - yacht charter New Caledonia - New Caledonia yacht charter


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