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Our catamaran rental offer for Works Councils and Associations

Are you a company and looking for an original idea to offer to your employees, your team, for a corporate cohesion day?

Are you a works council and want to offer great adventure opportunities to your members?

Are you looking for a secluded and neutral place to organize a company meeting?

Imagine is the ideal boat for you:

  • It is FAST, which allows you to reach isolated places in the Caledonian lagoon in record time. Imagine sails at an average of 16 knots. This is twice as fast as a sailing boat. And it doesn't consume any more fuel! Indeed, built in lightweight composite materials and fitted with foils, it weighs only 7 tonnes and consumes little fuel (27L/H!)

TOOMBO in 1 hour of navigation from Nouméa

MB KOUEN, MBO, MBA in 45 minutes


  • It is STABLE, which ensures comfort during navigation. In addition to this, it has a shallow draft and can therefore anchor in just 1 meter of water, ideal for enjoying the turquoise water with peace of mind and reaching isolated places...

  • It is SPACIOUS, with its large interior living space combining a lounge area and a kitchen dining area as well as its exterior spaces: aft cockpit, flybridge and front deck ideal for landing or rigging water sports equipment. Ideal for a group of 20 people max.

Discover our special CEs and Friendly offers:


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