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How our boat rental company was born

Updated: Jun 28, 2023

"Imagine" was born in Australia. The adventure began in 2004, when José and Marianne decided to sell everything, apartment and first boat, to go to Australia, on the Sunshine Coast. The idea was to offer their two young children the opportunity to learn the language of Shakespeare while opening up to a new culture, and to embark on a lifelong dream: building their own motor catamaran.

With the plans in his pocket, José started building his very first boat alone in the Australian countryside in 2004. Australia offered him cheaper and quality materials. His idea was to build a boat that was both ultra-light and resistant, made of composite materials based on honeycomb.

The 14-meter long and 6.5-meter wide catamaran was born 2 years later, in 2006, and weighed only 7 tons. José adds foils, which allow a better comfort, a greater speed and stability. Its lightness offers a shallow draught (70 cm), ideal for the best spots in the Caledonian lagoon where the water is crystal clear. It also offers the luxury of consuming relatively little fuel, with an average consumption of 27 L/h for a cruising speed of 16 knots on average.

Here are some pictures of the construction of Imagine until its launch in Australia:

In 2006, the family returned to Noumea and lived for 5 years on the quay in Port du Sud on "Imagine". By the way, "Imagine" comes from José, from the famous music "Imagine" by John Lennon.

After 5 years of life on board and the children growing up, the family decided to migrate not far away, on land. But parting with the boat was not an option.

José manages his shipyard in Numbo where he builds several boats: Carissan, Aquanature, Sable and many others. For her part, Marianne manages her management training business.

In 2014, with the children away at school, the parents decided to offer the boat for charter to reduce maintenance costs. Word of mouth seems to work and Imagine is doing relatively well.

At the end of 2022, Aïna, the youngest, returns to the area and proposes to take over the "Imagine" business to lighten her parents' load and try the entrepreneurial experience. She makes it a point of honor to make her clients experience what she and her family did while sailing around the New Caledonian lagoon on board Imagine.

Her watchwords: sharing and caring.

The whole family, before Australia, on the beach of Poe...


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