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When is the best time to travel to New Caledonia? - The best way to plan your trip to New Caledonia

Would you like to know the best time to visit New Caledonia? We'll tell you everything you need to know about the seasons, so you can plan your vacation to the full!

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Climate in New Caledonia Travel to New Caledonia

The climate is tropical oceanic. The island known as "Grande Terre" is located in the South Pacific and is part of the Oceanian continent. It lies just north of the Tropic of Capricorn.

Seasons of new caledonia

Two seasons punctuate the climate: the cool season and the warm season. These two seasons are interspersed with inter-seasons. Temperatures are pleasant all year round, with an annual average of 23°C and 340 days of sunshine.

  • From December to March, temperatures average 26°C. This is also the season for tropical disturbances, with heavy rains and strong winds. Depressions and even cyclones can form between January, February and March.

April to May is the "Caledonian autumn". Temperatures drop and the climate is more stable.

  • June to August is the cool season. Temperatures range from 15 to 25°C. Heavy rains can occur from mid-July to mid-August, mainly in the south of the territory, accompanied by "westerlies", strong winds from the west.

From October to November, the "Caledonian spring" heralds a beautiful, dry and sunny period, with rainfall at its annual minimum and temperatures rising gently.

Sea temperatures and winds in New caledonia

Sea temperatures range from 22 to 27 degrees. The trade winds blow mainly from the southeast and east, ensuring mild weather and an average wind speed of 15 to 20 knots. Without being too strong, this wind is ideal for sailing and sporting activities.

When to go at sea in new caledonia

From December to March, temperatures are ideal. The only risk is meteorological, since depressions and, more rarely, cyclones can form around Grande Terre. So it's important to keep an eye on the weather and adjust your schedule accordingly.

The following two months are generally mild and sunny.

From June onwards, the temperature drops, and mid-July marks the start of the whale season, which lasts until mid-September. Humpback whales calve in the southern lagoon near Prony, and can be seen from Cap N'Dua, where a lookout warns professional boats of the presence of whales, so they can get out and watch the show.

The summer season begins again in October, with stable, sunny weather. It's the ideal time to charter a boat and explore the southern lagoon of Grande Terre.

Sunrise and sunset times in new caledonia

D’octobre à Mars, le soleil se couche après 18h. Décembre et Janvier sont les journées les plus longues avec des couchers de soleils aux alentours de 18h35-18h45. Les journées les plus courtes sont au mois de Mai, Juin et Juillet où le soleil s’y couche en moyenne à 17h20.

Ainsi, les meilleures mois pour profiter d’un beau coucher de soleil après une journée de travail sont d’Octobre à Mars. Profitez-en pour organiser vos sorties sunset à bord d’un catamaran à cette période !

Keep an eye on the local weather in new caledonia

Our best sites for weather information in New Caledonia:

  • Météo nc, nc is the reference for local weather, keeping you up to date with Special Weather Bulletins (BMS) and cyclone alerts.

  • Windy lets you compare 4 different weather models and forecast the weather over a week.

  • Windguru will give you even more forecasting with two-week weather estimates.

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