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Whale-watching in New Caledonia in 2024

IMAGINE offers you the chance to go whale watching from Nouméa!

whale watching with imagine yacht charter in new Caledonia noumea

The advantages of our 14-metre motor catamaran :

  • Departure from Nouméa to Prony and the southern islets

  • A fast navigation

  • A private catamaran

  • Discovery of an island following the observation

  • Comfort on board

  • The boat and crew are authorized by the southern province to whale watch

  • A fast and efficient booking!

We'll explain it all in detail below:

  • Departure from Noumea

Imagine yacht charter localisation

All year round, Imagine is at Port du Sud marina in Orphelinat Bay.

While we sometimes offer to pick up customers in front of the Méridien or Chateau Royal or at the Ferry Docks, during the whale season (mid-July to mid-September) we offer dockside boarding from our trusty F pontoon!

From Nouméa, it takes around 2h30 to sail to Prony!

Departure is usually at 8 a.m., with boarding starting at 7:30 a.m. and return to port at 5 p.m.

  • Fast navigation

The boat's average speed is 16 knots, which means we spend less time sailing and reach our destinations more quickly.

In terms of whale-watching, speed is of the essence, as it allows us to be on the lookout for whale sightings at Cap N'Dua.

A little extra for the little ones: We provide coloring pages for children, and we'll fit children under 10 with a life jacket for the crossing.

  • Privatization

As Imagine is an approved yacht charter company, we rent it out as a whole, rather than on a per-boat basis. So you'll have your own boat, and a skipper on hand to ensure your safety and cater to your every whim.

For day charters, you can have up to 20 people on board, not including crew. So you can get together with friends, family or colleagues to organize a special outing during whale season, while enjoying an island day in the southern lagoon!

If you go out for several days during whale season, you're sure to increase your chances of spotting whales calving throughout the southern lagoon and near Prony.

The catamaran is a real floating home; whether you book a day or several days, you can take full advantage of its fully equipped kitchen (hob, oven, cooking utensils, glasses, coffee maker, kettle...), coffee and tea always available, large floating mattress, Bluetooth sound system...

  • Discovery of an island following the observation

The aim is not only to see whales, but also to enjoy an islet in the southern lagoon!

Our only wish is that you make the most of your day at sea!

  • Comfort on board

Imagine has all the comfort on board:

  • a large interior space, lounge, dining room and galley with benches and tables for lounging around

  • 4 cabins for resting or changing

  • 1 large bathroom accessible from the outside (cockpit) with shower and washbasin

  • 1 large outdoor hardstand with seating forward for fresh air and views

  • 1 outdoor saloon (cockpit) with bench seating

  • 2 fridges for maximum storage of gourmet treats and beverages, including 1 large fridge accessible directly from the outside saloon

  • 2 outdoor showers for rinsing directly after your swim

  • The boat and crew are authorized by the southern province to whale watch

whale watching boat rental in noumea with imagine

For several years now, we have been one of the professional boats authorized to observe whales, flying the official flag issued by the South Province.

Each year, we undergo a training course given by the nature warden and sign a whale-watching charter. Strict rules are followed by all authorized boats to ensure sustainable and respectful whale watching.

  • A fast and efficient booking!

Book in 4 easy steps:

  1. Choose an available date from the updated calendar: click here

  2. Fill in the booking/contact form below the calendar or here

  3. Receive a quote by e-mail

  4. As soon as I've confirmed your quote, I'll send you your booking contract with all payment details. A deposit of 50% will be required to secure the date.

Now all you have to do is enjoy Whale-watching in New Caledonia from Nouméa with Imagine!

If you have any questions, please contact me directly at 71.55.05 or by e-mail at


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