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What might a day at sea be like aboard IMAGINE? - boat rental noumea

Very often, days start at 8 a.m., with embarkation from 7.30 a.m. and return by 5 p.m.. boat rental noumea

People can take on board their own belongings, foods and drinks, and equipment, PMT or other, and will be helped by the skipper already on site.

What's special about IMAGINE is that no two days are alike.

There are no pre-established itineraries: it's possible to go to two or three destinations in the same day.

On the morning of departure, customers can discuss what they'd like to do directly with the skipper, and benefit from the skipper's feedback, who adapts the itinerary according to activities, wishes and weather conditions.

Thanks to IMAGINE, Toombo can be reached in less than an hour.

Toombo is a natural pool just beyond the Amédée lighthouse.

IMAGINE can anchor there in 2 meters of water due to its shallow draft.

At low tide, people can enjoy a sandbar, surrounded by turquoise water and a white sandy bottom. 

Boat rental noumea

day catamaran rental noumea

After Toombo, you can swim along the Aboré Reef and the Ever Prosperity shipwreck.

The reef also offers crystal-clear water, as well as multicolored coral to explore and plenty of fish to discover.

day trip catamaran noumea

The return trip often includes a well-deserved stopover at the Amédée lighthouse or the Goéland islet, depending on the customer's preferences and the skipper's advice.

From Goéland, the return trip takes 30 minutes to Nouméa. Occasionally, dolphins can be seen playing on the bow of the boat!

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