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Everything you need to rent your catamaran in Nouméa with Imagine Yacht Charter

Imagine Yacht Charter is above all a family business, which wishes to share its experience of the lagoon, to create unique memories with kindness and an adapted service, while respecting it.



Who are we?

We wrote a blog post about the history of IMAGINE. We have been offering our motor catamaran for pleasure rental in New Caledonia, in Nouméa, from the Port du Sud marina for more than 5 years now.

IMAGINE was built by the father of the family, José, in Australia. Built in lightweight composite materials and equipped with foil, IMAGINE is light, fast, stable and consumes little.

Are you interested in our history? Get ready for 2 minutes of reading in pictures:

Rent catamaran nc


Our catamaran rental offers in Nouméa

Above all, we suggest you rent YOUR catamaran, for half a day, a day or a cruise. Discover our boat rental offers in New Caledonia:


Boat rental with friends noumea


Opportunities to rent your boat in Nouméa

The opportunities are numerous and you rent YOUR boat for YOUR moment!

IMAGINE receives many birthdays on board, whether for the day, over several days visiting the Great South Lagoon or for an evening.

It hosts afterworks, teambuildings, works councils and associations for family weekend outings or for the whale season.

He welcomes friends for girls' days at sea, foreign families visiting New Caledonia for the first time...

IMAGINE is YOUR way to create YOUR own memories.

We are here to support you as best as possible.

Corporate cohesion outing in Noumea

04How to book your boat?

Steps for booking your motor boat in Nouméa:

1. Check our up-to-date online calendar and choose a date that suits you:

2. Complete the reservation form that follows the calendar, at the bottom of the page, and click on "Send", or call us directly at 71.55.05.

3. Receive a quick response and confirm your quote.

4. Receive a pleasure rental contract and proceed to pay the 30% deposit on the boat rental to lock in the date.

5. Stay in touch with us and ask us all your questions and specific requests so that we can best support you until the D-Day.

6. Meet us at the boat on D-Day in the presence of the skipper and set off on an adventure!

Find the answers to your questions here (destinations, prices, cancellations, etc.):



Why rent with IMAGINE?

  • IMAGINE is fast (16 knots on average), spacious (up to 20 people on board), stable (equipped with foils)

  • All-inclusive price (diesel and cleaning included) and Zero deposit required

  • Friendly and responsive service. We adapt to you

  • IMAGINE respects the environment thanks to its construction in lightweight composite materials (honeycomb) and its foils, it consumes little fuel (only 27 L/h for the two engines)

  • IMAGINE, it is above all a family story. We built our boat ourselves.

  • You choose your own route. The boat is yours and you can choose 2 to 3 destinations for the day!


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