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Feel like sailing away with Imagine yacht charter, yacht charter in Noumea

At Imagine, our aim is to offer you an experience of the Caledonian lagoon that suits you, in complete safety. You can decide with the skipper what you want to see and do. He'll be able to advise you and satisfy your desires.

If you'd like to go on an excursion for several days, to see fish, reefs, waves and islets, don't worry, you can do several spots a day if you like, even if you're only out at sea for a day! I'll explain it all below...

Why? Because we can afford it! Because IMAGINE is built from ultra-light, strong composite materials and fitted with foils, it consumes relatively little fuel. For a 14-meter boat, it's no mean feat to weigh just 7 tons when dry, and consume an average of 27l/hr.

So, in our catamaran rental rate of 102,000 XPF per day, around 20,000 XPF goes to the fuel budget.

If you're interested in finding out how the boat was built, you can leaf through the photo album inside the boat. Beware, it's a little antique dating from 2004-2006, when the boat was built!

By the way, we wrote an article on the construction and history of Imagine, available here :

José, who has built Imagine and is now manager of the local Catamarine shipyard in Numbo, Noumea, has since built several boats using the same technology. The material he proposes has certainly proved its worth...

Returning to IMAGINE's day-at-sea boat charters, you'll be able to make several stopovers in the lagoon. You'll have the choice of visiting northern islands such as Mbé Kouen, Mbo or Mba, which can be reached in 45 minutes in good weather, or venturing south along the Aboré reef, catching a glimpse of the shipwreck of the Ever prosperity, swimming in the shallow, translucent waters of Toombo and then making a stop at the Amédée lighthouse or Goéland, Signal or Larégnère islands on the way back...

We offer you all these possibilities to make your day the way you imagined it.

We are flexible and responsive.

For our guests staying at the Ilot Maître hotel on Friday, the 8 a.m. boarding and 5 p.m. return was right in front of their hotel room...!

So, if you'd like to take advantage of a yacht charter in noumea or a catamaran charter in noumea, don't hesitate to get in touch with us, on 715505 or via our contact form. We look forward to hearing from you.

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